Posted June 8, 2021: The Wellsville Chamber of Commerce and Wellsville Health Coalition are seeking an independent contractor to serve as a part-time, temporary, summer coordinator (estimated 10 hr/week). Responsibilities will include outreach/communication (marketing, website, social media); fundraising (seek grants, new members, sponsors); and general duties (meeting agendas, oversee implementation priorities). For more information contact Sheila Robertson at or call 785-521-3496. Application deadline is June 15, 2021.

Mission Statement: “To improve business opportunity and build a better community”

This chamber has been around for many years! We’re always happy to see new faces and places coming to Wellsville. We meet every 2nd Tuesday of each month at various locations around town and welcome anyone to join us!

Next meeting: Tuesday, July 13th, 2021 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm at the Wellsville City Library and by Zoom
(Agenda and Zoom link to be added closer to date.)




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